- music player for training with music

Troff is a music player aimed at dancers or other people who wants to practise a routine or a choreography to music.

Troff lets you loop a sertain part of a song, making it easy to practise that speciffic segment

It also lets you speed up or slow down the song

The key feature is that you can set marker in the timeline of the song. These markers are then used to start/stop the song at sertain possitions.

Other features include a "count down" before the song starts to play, to give you time to prepare yourself,
as well as a "count down" between loops, to let you catch your breath.

Download and install

There is no need to install Troff, it will work right out of the box as long as if you have a browser that is supported (it will work best in Chrome).

To download Troff simply download this zipfile (download Troff) and extract it where you want to keep it. In the folder there is a file caled index.html, this is the file you run to use Troff.

A tip is to make a link to this file and put the link somewhere easy to find. In most operatingsystems you can do this by right-clicking on index.html and select "Make link" (Linux), create shourtcut (Windows). This will create a new file that you can rename and move to a better location.

The first time you run troff, make sure to press the "Tip / help" button, this will give you some helpfull guides as how to use Troff.
Also know that all rektangles/squares are a button, don't be afraid to press around and se what happens!

Quick guide

Troff in action
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